Who we are

Founded in 2018, PersonalData.IO is a nonprofit organization promoting digital rights and trust in the digital world. We help people exercise greater control over their digital identity through practical tools coupled with advocacy for more effective personal data rights. Our goal is to empower individuals to truly exercise their rights online and to drive sustainable change across the personal data ecosystem.

PersonalData.IO is based in Geneva, Switzerland (registration: CHE‑202.624.721). Our offices are located at ImpactHub Geneva, a social entrepreneurship space.

Our vision and values

We want to help establish a fair and transparent digital ecosystem, where individuals have control over their own personal data.

We are strongly committed to upholding values of fairness, respect, and equality of opportunity in order to make our vision into reality.

What we're doing

Policy advising

We provide expert advice on digital rights to regulators and policymakers at the local and regional levels of government. Our input has informed discussions at the European Parliament, Council of Europe, UK Parliament, US Senate, and more.

Liaising for data access requests

Our main objective is to help you, the data subject, take control of your personal data. One way we do this is through helping you submit data access requests and providing support throughout the entire process, which may take anywhere between weeks to months.

So far, we have provided assistance for 1000s of Subject Access Requests, with 100s of data controllers.

Advocating for an improved personal data ecosystem

We seek to improve the personal data ecosystem through pushing for change in online service providers' current practices. By working with our community and their collective requests for data, we encourage platforms such as social media sites to facilitate their data request process. One clear example of this is Facebook's Download Your Information tool. Thanks to PersonalData.IO's persistent requests for information on targeted advertising, Facebook added the Custom Audiences data, thus allowing users to gain a greater understanding of just what kind of personal information about them is retained online.

We have testified on the topic at the European Parliament and the UK House of Commons, and our work has led to direct questions to Mark Zuckerberg by US Senator Blumenthal.

Raising awareness

We also collaborate with journalists to create widespread awareness on personal data protection issues. Some of our work is described on our News page.


PersonalData.IO is actively contributing to research on personal data rights, most recently through a co-authored article in the Philosophy and Public Issues journal. Our work has also been referenced in academic literature focusing on data rights, such as in the International Data Privacy Law journal (1, 2).


For more information, feel free to contact us at about@personaldata.io.