Especially in the EU, people have rights over the personal data. Unfortunately, companies must follow a complex set of legal and technical procedures when answering users’ requests to access their personal data. This complexity is then transferred onto individuals and becomes an obstacle for people willing to control what’s out there about them.

Chommy removes that obstacle, acting as the personal agent of his users, contacting companies on their behalf and translating their requests into required legal and technical terms that companies seem to understand.

Which rights do you have?

Cutting a rather long story short, your rights can be summarized as follows:

  1. Receive a copy of your personal data from any company
  2. Have your personal data deleted from any company’s databases
  3. Correct your personal data in any company’s databases
  4. Transfer your data from one company to another

This is a good summary to get started when you tell Chommy what you would like to do with your data.

In practice, things can get a little more complicated but we’re happy to take that complexity on us.

More detailed information on those rights are available on our community corner if you’re interested.

How to use Chommy?

  1. The easiest way is to send your requests to
  2. You can also talk directly with Chommy on Facebook Messenger. Search for “Chommy on the app, or go directly here
  3. We also recommend that you create your own account on the site. Some features will be directly accessible from your account section (e.g.) if you want data from specific companies we’re used to work with.

Please note we are a young startup, beta-testing different features and channels that best fit our users’ needs. Not everything may run perfectly smoothly right now, sorry for that, but in any case a human will handle your requests if there’s anything Chommy isn’t able to do right now. Through this process we will learn how to help thousands of others.

More questions?

Check our forum. You can ask your questions over there if it hasn’t been answered previously.

We prefer you to use the forum so others can benefit from your inputs. However you can contact us directly if you think this is more appropriate. We are always happy to talk to our users!

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