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PersonalData.IO provides advisory services to companies on data protection and privacy issues.  As a user-centric platform supporting efficient communication between individuals and companies, we want to support innovative thinking by companies willing to engage with their customers transparently and proactively. We provide insights on best practices regarding privacy policies, user engagement, portability and subject access requests, and user-centric data collection methods.

How can we help?

We can help you with the following issues:

  • Internal buy-in and prioritization

It can be difficult for those in charge of compliance to generate the right internal momentum around new regulatory issues, particularly when they cut across many business functions and markets. We help people facing this issue at any level, for example as compliance officers, DPOs or data protection champions. We do this by facilitating engagement with key stakeholders in your organisation, raising awareness not only on the risks associated to limited compliance but also on the “why”: the consumer trends makes markets shift and open new business and marketing opportunities that should be considered. As budgets are increasingly scarce resources, and because compliance budgets unfortunately often conflict with other business priorities, we can help you prioritise your initiatives, with tight focus on budget allocations.

  • Consumer engagement

Customers don’t care about “compliance”. They want to be engaged in the right way on what matters to them. Data protection and privacy issues receive more and more attention from consumers. We can provide you insights on the latest trends and technologies developed for individuals, analyzing with you how this may impact the perception of your company among your (potential) customers. We can also help you identify concrete action opportunities to positively impact your brand equity and prevent bad PR events.

  • Confusion

New regulations often bring lot of uncertainties and grey zones. If you ask two different “experts” precise questions on how they interpret parts of regulation, you will most probably get two different opinions. We’re not just another expert opinion adding even more confusion. We propose concrete user-centric solutions because we believe it is in the interest of everyone to focus on actual customer expectations (documented, researched, and measured). We do this by going back to the essence of new regulations, avoiding to immediately focus on subtle interpretations that often end up freezing companies’ progresses in this uncertain journey.

Why work with us?

  • You face one or more of the issues described above
  • We sit close to your customers
  • We’re recognized
  • We work with a strong network of experts in ethics, law, and technology

Please contact us here if you would like to inquire how we work together in your specific context: contact@personaldata.io

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