We are hiring!

The organisation

PersonalData.IO is a world-leading nonprofit promoting digital rights, particularly around personal data. We want to truly empower individuals to make effective use of their rights online, and help them and society derive maximal impact from the exercise of their rights.

Our activism has been extremely visible in the press in recent months.

Our work has a lot of impact.

We need your help to scale!

The positions

We are in particular looking for:

The ideal candidate

We are looking for someone highly passionate about social justice, who will be happy knowing they changed the world for the better.

We are small and have a lot of challenges. We need you to be aware of what that entails (pros and cons). We need you to have a deliberate approach to problem-solving, and to be able to see new and creative ways around obstacles.

You need to be willing to work at least part time in Geneva, except possibly for the developer positions, where we might have more flexibility.


If you think you fit the bill, apply! Even if you have doubts, apply! You can reach us at vacancies@personaldata.io.

We are committed in achieving our goals through diversity and inclusion. Apply if interested in the position.