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We are developing services to help you easily control the use of your personal data.


It is nice to have rights. It is better when we can effectively use them. PersonalData.IO helps its users exercise their rights over their personal data with minimal efforts. With a tiny bit of input from its user, our bot (Chommy) takes in charge the cumbersome process of contacting companies and have its users’ wishes around their personal data fulfilled. More information here.



Tinder predicts a desirability score, which it uses to match you with others “in your league”. Do you really want to find it out???


Curious of how Uber tracks you? During and outside of a ride? Through your phone or the drivers?


We actively work with journalists willing to cover issues related to data protection and privacy. Some of our contributions and the editors we’ve worked with are listed below.

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Paul-Olivier Dehaye

- PhD in mathematics (Stanford)
- Academic experience
- Interests in artificial intelligence and law

Jerome Groetenbriel

- MBA (IMD Business School)
- Business development & consulting experience
- Interest in organization behavior and strategy
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