The association

Founded in 2018, PersonalData.IO is a public interest association for the defense of personal data protection rights to control our digital and physical lives.

You are a person or organization concerned about how your data is being exploited by dominant companies like Uber, Tinder, Google, Facebook and you want to complete your digital self-determination ?

PersonalData.IO helps you to :

  1. CONTROL : Recover your personal data and its value
  2. INNOVATE : Create new projects around data within a concerned and organized community
  3. GOVERN : Define new models for managing your data securely and under your control
  4. AUDIT : Conduct studies on the transparency of algorithms and the compliance of data access rights


Mobility, work and city

Why prices vary between one ride and another on Uber...

sexuality and dating

Dating Privacy, it's you, it's us and it's me : users of dating apps...

Health data

The new surveillance technologies used to combat...

Attention economy

Every second spent online, thousands of sensors track your behavior...

There are four main methods for retrieving your data. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and we’re here to help you find the method(s) best suited to your situation. You can view the methods on our Data recovery page*.

*This page is a general description of how to obtain your data. We have also developed customized resources for individuals and organizations with specific cases.


Learn about personal data management at https://digipower.academy/

digipower.academy is the result of projects launched separately by SITRA, the Migros Pioneer Fund (via the HestiaLabs project) and PersonalData.IO with a common goal: data literacy and algorithms for digital self-determination.