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PersonalData.IO offers a space to learn how to reappropriate your personal data. By asking a company to provide us with the information we generate on the internet, we understand why and how it is used by algorithms. On that basis, we learn to master them.

Everything we do on the Internet leaves traces. Buy online, play online, find your way around a city, use a dating app or social network, check our bank account. These tracks speak of us.

The data we share is used for business and marketing purposes. By losing control of this personal information, it can be misused and put our privacy at risk. However, this data belongs to us legally.


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PersonalData.IO encourages collaborative projects between the general public and civil society in all its diversity (businesses, institutions, activists, researchers, educators, etc.). We provide training on the ecosystem and data protection using state-of-the-art tools to empower us to collectively respond to data collection practices locally and internationally.

Our vision is a democratic society where autonomy and power of governance are equitably distributed. Understanding the digital world means giving oneself the means to change it.

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At the heart of PersonalData.IO is a multi-disciplinary community of expertise at the service of the company. Our team has the skills...


In March 2023, we received the Future of Data Challenge award from Omidyar Network. This is an artistic project of digital literacy...