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With PersonalData.IO, everyone can become an expert in managing their data and defend their rights according to their own interests.

The data collected defines our identities both online and offline. The risks associated with privacy monitoring by authorities or those around us are not insignificant if our data is misunderstood or inaccurate in relation to our actual actions.

For example, Google collects raw geolocation data (your latitude as well as the date and time), deduces the mode of travel (bicycle, public transport, car…), and this data is subsequently associated with situations that may be sensitive. Going to a bar, a psychiatrist or an abortion clinic does not have the same impact depending on who has access to the information (your future employer, your insurance company or your parents). And what you do is potentially visible to others.


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Another risk is related to personal injury when information about us is inferred for advertising purposes using categories that refer to our online actions. Our actions may not always correspond to what we care about, but the related ads will remain visible on all our devices and outside of the app that captured our data. As a result, we lose track of them, without knowing in what context they were collected or what the data will be used for.

What personal data is collected by the apps we use? How is our personal data shared between companies? How is our personal data targeted for advertising purposes?

Our various projects teach you how to answer these questions.