A person decides to train to understand their digital data, he realizes the imbalance of the current situation in terms of transparency, he wants to understand how it affects his life, he talks about it around him and his relatives decide in turn to train.


Because the future of digital is in the hands of young people, and as part of our Future of Data Challenge...


Your virtual life, whether on networks (Instagram, TikTok, Snap...), on streaming platforms...

Your data is worth gold, get it back !

Social networks, search engines, dating apps…These services accumulate colossal fortunes by watching you.

Each of your clicks, likes, moves is recorded : these are your personal data. Accumulated, they accurately describe your tastes, your fears, your interests, your fantasies… And this portrait of you is worth a lot !

With this workshop (in French and English), the HestiaLabs team takes you on a journey through all the traces you leave every time you visit a website or use an app.

As part of the Tracking Your Digital Shadow survey, the Swiss daily Le Temps accompanied people with the help of specialists to analyse the control of their personal data. This was done as part of a participatory process. Ten readers of various profiles benefited from support over several months to solicit various companies, from the local actor to the American giant. In all, about 60 petitions were sent.

Other training

A dozen Swiss MPs received training during the autumn parliamentary session to make them aware of the extent to which they were the target of digital games of influence.

Riders’ Collective Conference and workshop on Data Recovery for Trade Unions in Austria, Vienna on 29 and 30.09.2022. 

Participatory workshop on the analysis of Uber driving data in Geneva-3DD on 05.08.2022