Sexuality and dating


Dating Privacy is you, it’s us and it’s me: users of dating apps and people who want to understand the relationships they have formed with the digital world.

The collective is concerned about how our intimate life is exposed online and influenced by matching algorithms for the transition to physical encounters.

Are you always presented with the same type of profile ? They have nothing to do with your preferences ? Are you a victim of online harassment and don’t understand how the app’s algorithms work ?

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Our goal is to regain control of personal data on dating apps and any other apps related to intimate life (fertility, maternity, sports, weight loss apps), to understand the problems of connecting people that algorithms create, and to work to improve their design and use.

Join the Dating privacy collective

Explore our wiki to generate a request pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or pursuant to Article 8 of the Federal Data Protection Act (GDPR) to a dating application in order to obtain a copy of your data.

Enter the dating app you are using into the wiki search field and you will be able to select it from a drop-down menu. Click on the window that appears “Make a SAR request”

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I found an easier way to ask for my data

I found an easier way to request my data, and it doesn’t require sending an email!

It is true that many dating apps have an official procedure for requesting your data. These “data portals” are useful and usually provide quicker access to data, but they are usually much less comprehensive than using a personalized email.

However, if you wish to use the app-specific procedures as an alternative or additional method, the instructions are described below.

Click on the applications below to be redirected to some of these data portals :

I got my data back. What's next ?

Congratulations! With our partner HestiaLabs, we have tools ready to analyze multiple applications: