Your virtual life, whether on networks (Instagram, TikTok, Snap…), on streaming platforms (from Spotify to Netflix) or on video games, may seem very peaceful. Yet, you’re hanging out with Russian bots, you’re seeing ads that aren’t always well targeted, “dick picks” (nice in the middle of a meal), you’re reading fake news with often violent or shocking content, all while wondering why you can’t get off of these videos of otters so cute…

In short, you understand that there is a problem…the fault with the algorithms, the use of your personal data and the almost indelible trace that you generate on the internet.

But do you even know how it works ?


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If your answer is no and you don’t see the connection, then it’s time to come visit us.

If your answer is yes and you want to know more, take part in the Future Data Challenge with your friends concerned by the previous sentence to help us build another digital one

The objectives of the workshops are manifold :

  1. Engage in a creative project of digital alternatives with artist and film producer Ariane Loze
  2. Enable you to understand the importance of personal data protection rights with an activist association in the defence of digital rights
  3. Take control of your private and social life by retrieving and analyzing your personal data
  4. Learn about data science with new open source tools
  5. Identify the risks and potential of data collection and algorithmic processes on the platforms you use in your daily life

In short, if you are between 18 and 25 years old and you are interested in the challenges of digital technology, tell your school about this project, so that we can organize a workshop together with your friends in which we will be able to discuss different topics: development of ideas for different projects (creating an algorithm for your school or a movie, programming a dating app, a video game, a new bot, …) The limits are (almost) infinite !

If you want to know more, you can download the presentation document below.