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18-25 year olds integrate digital platforms into their social lives : Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube make the young population vulnerable. Disconnection is a solution, but can be perceived as a form of social exclusion. Although young people have become increasingly aware of algorithmic processes of data collection and are concerned about their public image, educational institutions, associations and other youth care settings are still unaware of the specific risks that digital technology creates in their daily lives due to the opacity of these systems.

This may sound alarming, but it is not static. Because this is where we, PersonalData.IO, intervene by providing you with data and digital expertise within your organisation.


A participatory workshop, digital literacy training to :

Analyze personal data with in free access
Recover data power and reuse it creatively for alternatives
common themes of choice (education, mobility, sexuality, etc.)
Raising awareness of the protection of personal data rights
Identify the risks and potential of data collection and algorithmic processes

🤨 HOW ?

We train you, you train the young people in your organization.

We have the data science skills to understand algorithmic systems. We work hand in hand with the company Hestia, developer of the analytical tools that we will train participants in during the workshops, and with Ariane Loze, artist, we will support the creative part of the workshops to explore digital alternatives within the framework of an artistic project.

You bring together people who want to be trained, at a location and on a date to be agreed with PersonalData.IO. Teaching materials, methodology and analytical tools are available to you. We also offer an online support service and follow-up of the final projects throughout the implementation of your projects by the end of November 2023.

🤔 WHY ?

Because the future is in the hands of younger people on condition that they have the resources and space for empowerment. Behind this seemingly solemn phrase hides a crucial challenge and an innovative project : a new data ecosystem to have control of our private and social lives online/offline. And believe us, it’s not just a start-up formula. Because there is no game of ping-pong other than verbal as planned during the workshops.


We are PersonalData.IO a public interest association for the defence of personal data protection rights that allow us to have control over our digital and physical lives, made up of multidisciplinary teams – law, mathematics, data science, data journalism, arts.

We are at the service of a common digital, based on citizen science, and your commitment will be as valuable as it is essential for a democratic society where action and power based on data are equitably distributed among individuals.

Project made possible with the support of Omidyar Network, as part of the prize Future of Data Challenge.