At the heart of PersonalData.IO is a multi-disciplinary community of expertise at the service of the company. Our team has comprehensive sociological, educational, legal and technical skills of digital media that we put at the service of a wide audience. We join forces to build partnerships based on cooperation, not competition, between civil society and the private sector.

Jessica Pidoux


Jessica Pidoux is interdisciplinary sociologist and PhD in Digital Humanities at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Her thesis (in free access and in brief) focuses on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of graphical interfaces, development practices and use of dating applications. She also studies algorithmic matching systems (or matching). Her research shows more broadly the sociopolitical issues that guide the perception and action of users in the reputation (or attention) economy.

Although Jessica’s research focuses on dating apps, her thinking touches more broadlyon socialization and digital marketing phenomena such as social networks and other platforms with artificial intelligence techniques for recommendation systems such as Uber, Airbnb, Amazon.

Jean-Henry Morin

Jean-Henry Morin is Associate Professor of Information Systems and Information Services at the University of Geneva. A member of the Service Science Institute, he is also President of the Think Services Idea Lab.

His research interests include digital rights management and policies, information systems security, particularly in socially responsible and sustainable approaches, compliance and governance of information risks.

Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Founder and treasurer
Paul-Olivier Dehaye is a mathematician, co-founder of PersonalData.IO and He studied at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and holds a PhD from Stanford. He has held academic positions at Merton College, as well as teaching positions at ETH Zurich and at the University of Zurich. He has published peer-reviewed academic works on subjects as varied as number theory, combinatorics, computer graphics, crowdwork, political philosophy and academic ethics.

Paul-Olivier Dehaye has been investigating Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal since December 2015, following a first report in The Guardian newspaper. Her hands-on experience in data protection and understanding of jurisdictional issues have proved useful in working with dozens of journalists around the world.

jean-christophe schwaab

Member of the committee
Jean-Christophe Schwaab holds a doctorate in law. After a trade union career as Central Secretary of the Swiss Trade Union Union Union, Jean-Christophe Schwaab became involved as National Councillor in the Federal Parliament in Bern, including two years as Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee.

A staunch advocate of transparency in politics, he is one of the few elected officials to have published a list of his parliamentary allowances. In 2012, he defended the interests of bank employees whose names had been handed over to the US courts during the tax dispute between Switzerland and Washington.

Sofia Kypraiou

Data scientist

Sofia Kypraiou is a data scientist specialising in ethics and human rights. She studied data science at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and computer science at the University of Athens.

For PersonalData.iO, she contributes to the research and design of data governance models, and works on the analysis of the Geneva collective of Uber drivers. His previous work includes the AI & Equality, which merges AI and human rights, through a methodology of critical analysis. Sofia has been able to give multiple workshops at different universities and art festivals.

David Décamps

Socio-educational digital mediator / Artist
David Décamps works for the association as a socio-educational mediator in charge of organizing workshops on data governance, producing educational materials and public promotion.

As an artist, he began photography in 2013. Self-taught, and a fan of street photography, he stands out for his profoundly human and resolutely optimistic vision of art. With benevolence and finesse, his works reveal the forgotten details of life, thus giving a taste for the wonder sometimes lost in the midst of a daily life that leaves little room for attention.

Also an illustrator, Deydai is the nickname of the boy who lives in a corner of his brain. Deydai likes to illustrate his points. Often in black and white, sometimes tinged with colour, his illustrations mix the popular expression "a drawing is worth a thousand words".


Volunteer Lawyer in Data Protection
Nawale LAMRINI has composed her career with experiences in the legal departments of private and public organizations, and significantly as a lawyer and data protection officer (DPO) in higher education and research (state civil service) and Collectivity (territorial civil service). The role and missions of DPO have led her to build and manage the data protection project on all data processing and in particular in the dimension offered by higher education and research activities.

Having developed legal expertise in project set-up and research valorization, she has been able to develop a certain mastery of the application of legal instruments related to data protection, intellectual property, Open Science & Open Data as well as research ethics.

This has led him to work closely with several Research Ethics Review Boards, to also be a member of the Legal and Financial NCP of the European Commission (H2020) and the SupDPO, with whom she has been able to conduct conferences and trainings on these themes, such as with the RFIEA

  DPO of Sciences Po.

Jacob Gursky

Sociologist / Data scientist
Jacob Gursky is a sociologist and data scientist specializing in privacy rights and countering disinformation. He studied communication and social and network systems engineering at the University of Pennsylvania before completing his master's degree in privacy engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. During his time at the Propaganda Vertical at the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin, Jacob produced research linking the risks of digital surveillance and non-transparent platforms to systemic disinformation and violent extremism. For PersonalData.IO, Jacob contributes to the research and design of data governance models, and works on the analysis of the Geneva collective of Uber drivers.